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I make videos showing the things i have made and how you can make them yourself.

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I share the progress of my projects and show you how i make things.

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I share Tutorials and articles that will give you the tools you need to create.

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Aloy’s Bow from Horizon Zero Dawn – 3D printed prop

A cosplay friend of mine came to me wanting to know if I could build a prop for him, he planned to cosplay as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. I looked around online and could not find a model I could buy or download and 3D print so I decided to model it my self. I

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Kirito’s GGO Armor from Sword Art Online

This build looked simple at first but it was harder than I had first thought. I had never made armor for someone who lived to far away to come test fit it. I was lucky to have a friend who was roughly the same size as the client. \ It all started with a sheet of

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I’m Firing My Laser!

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So a lot as happened recently in my shop/project room mostly the addition of a tool I have wanted for a very long time, a laser cutter. These kind of machines normally cost thousands of dollars for a good one so I settled for a cheap one that is enough to do some neat things.

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Stargate Prop Build

A good friend of mine asked if I could make a small Stargate from the Show Stargate SG1 and I decided to take on the challenge! It needed to be light and break apart enough to fit into a car for transport. I first found a good image of a Stargate and brought it into

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Queen Chrysalis Staff from My Little Pony Prop Build

This was the first prop I ever made for someone I have never met. I also have never seen the show My Little Pony but I have a friend who knows it well and I used his advice a lot. The client gave me a reference image to use for the staff, its only black

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Gray Fullbuster’s Ice Blade from Fairy Tail Prop Build

I want to prefix this by saying I went into this build having never watched the anime “Fairy Tale”. The build was very long and drawn out because the build started just before me and my wife found out we needed to move. This was a very unique build, it was my second commission for

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Blood Scar Mandalorian Helmet Prop Build

If there is one thing I feel like I need to get better at, it is documenting my builds. I get so caught up in what I am doing that I don’t take enough photos of what I am making. I only have a few photos from this project, and two of them are the same

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