Aloy's War Bow from Horizon Zero Dawn


This bow was custom modeled and 3D printed using a Lulzbot Taz 6. I used black 3 MM PLA filament. The bow is from a video game called Horizon Zero Dawn. The parts were modeled then printed in pieces and glued together. After the glue set most pieces were given a coat of filler primer to help fill in any print lines. Final finishing for the bow was done by the client.

Check out the whole build here:

Millennium Rod from Yugioh


This prop is all 3D printed with custom electronics inside, the eye glows and has a rechargeable battery build in. I made the model my self and it took a lot of sanding to get the surface right. Metallic paint is very hard to get right because so many things can ruin the finish.

Adam Tauru's Mask from RWBY

This mask was a rather simple and straightforward build. I made the mask out of two layers of Sintra a PVC thermal plastic. I cut out the base patter using my laser cutter then glued the layers together. After heat shaping I did a lot of sanding, priming and painting. The red details are vinyl I cut out using my vinyl cutter and they eyes have tinting so you can see out but no one can see your eyes.

I think it came out great and has a nice clean look. I even designed it to be worn over glasses, it has little latches on the inside that hook onto glasses at the sides.

Reinhardt's Hammer from Overwatch

This is one of the biggest props I have ever made, it stands at seven feet tall and comes in around 35 lb, it even lights up! It took me three months to make this thing and I am really happy how it turned out. Maybe someday I will make the armor to go along with the hammer but not any time soon.

Blood Scar Mandalorian Helmet from StarWars

This helmet is part of my Blood Scar Mandalorian Mercenary Cosplay. It is made out of news paper board, light weight Spackle and resin.

For more details on this helmet please look at the build post for this prop:


Queen Chrysalis's Staff from My Little Pony

This staff is made out if pink Insulation foam with a metal rod core. The balls on the tips are rubber and attacked to the staff with metal rods. It is coated in PVA glue and resin then painted and sealed with clear shellac.

For more details on this staff please look at the build post for this prop:


Gray Fullbuster’s Ice Blade from Fairy Tail

This prop is made of hand molded PETG thermal plastic. I molded it around a buck made of expanding foam until i had the main shape. I used an air brush to give the blade a blue/white look and sealed it with a clear coat.

For more details on this ice blade please look at the build post for this prop:


Kirito’s GGO chest plate from Sword Art Online

This armor is made out of Sintra and has a few 3D printer elements on it. The armor was cut in the middle and rejoined at an angle to give it a pronounced line in the middle. It was painted with an air bushing using metallic paint then hit with a clear coat to seal the paint.

For more details on this staff please look at the build post for this prop:


Original Stargate from Stargate SG1

I made this Stargate out of pink insulation foam, i primed it with water based primer and then painted it with a black hammered metal texture paint.

For more details on this Stargate please look at the build post for this prop:


Prompto’s Calamity Pistol From Final Fantasy XV

This was my first time making a gun like this, its 100% 3D printed and the barrel rotates. Most of this build was modeling and sanding, 3D printed props can be a pain when it comes to sanding. I painted it using a base coat of black then Rub n Buff silver leaf to get that metal look.

1000 Subscriber YouTube Play Button

If you watch a lot of YouTube or have your own channel you may know that when you reach one hundred thousand subscribers YouTube will send you a silver play button award. I partnered with a content creator to help him celebrate reaching one thousand subscribers.

This button was made using MDF, filler primer, metallic bronze paint, vinyl lettering and a shadow box. It was a fun build if you want to see the whole build check out the post here:


Umbra's mask from Yugioh

This mask was made using a blank threader mask I bought online. I cut it down the middle in the way it looks in the anime. The teeth are Pink foam wrapped in Worbla, it took awhile to get the shapes right. Then it was all masking and painting, this mask looks a little rough because that is how the person wanted it. I am happy with how it turned out.

Life Counters

These fun life counters are laser cut and have a planetary gear system. When you turn the dial, the outer gears rotate and spin around the center gear. It’s a fun addition to your gaming sessions.