Millennium Rod Build

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Millennium Rod Build

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I did not take as many photos of this build as I should have but I was busy, its something I am working on. I modeled this prop my self, it was not that hard because its a rather simple shape.

The base print had a few rough areas I had to full in but that is how it works on half of the 3D printed props I have made.

This rod had a removable handle that has a spike below, the spike is not really as sharp as it looks.

The electronics were rather straight forward, just a 3.3V Lipo battery, resistor, switch and charging port. The single LED will run for a while on one charge.

This is after all the sanding and electronics were done, believe me it took a while to get this this point.

Metallic Paint can be a pain because it requires a very smooth surface and a lot of paints can mess up the finish. I used a spray can gold paint then a special air brush sealant made for metallic paints.

There you have it, a tool of the gods, made real for mortal hands.

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